Valentine's Day is coming soon, do the boys have Valentine's Day gifts ready? In fact, there are many choices for Valentine's Day gifts for girls, such as jewelry, cosmetics, chocolates and so on. But many gifts on the market are relatively common and have no special commemorative significance. Now we will introduce a special Valentine's Day gift: Custom Necklace with Picture Inside.

1. Custom Heart Necklace with Picture Inside Personalized Projection Necklace

This Personalized Projection Necklace is designed with the shape of heart. The heart shape is a symbol of love, it not only represents romantic and passionate love, but also family. There is a round bead in the middle of the heart to hold our photo.

Each necklace has a custom picture inside. Upload any picture you want, it is not only memorable, but also can express your love. Carry it with you anywhere, this personalized heart necklace can record your beautiful moments.

It is available in three colors: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold. If you want, you can choose a beautiful metal rose lift gift box. When you open the gift box, the rose box will rise automatically. Open the rose box and you will see a custom necklace inside.

It is a good choice for special women and girls like girlfriend, fiancee, best friend, mother, mother in law, wife, daughter, grandma, aunt in your life. It is best perfect gift for Valentine's day.

Original Price is $69.96, now on sale for half price, only $34.98.

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2. Custom Paw Print Necklace Personalized Pet Photo Necklace

If you're looking for a necklace which can remember your pet. A custom paw print necklace would be a great option.

This personalized pet photo paw necklace is the perfect way to commemorate your pet's life and cherish them forever. The custom paw pendant is in the shape of a paw print with a stone inside, which you can upload your photo there. This paw pendant necklace is perfect for any dog or cat lover.

Inside each custom photo necklace is a photo of your own pet. It can be used to cherish your cat or dog forever and pay tribute to your beloved pet. While your pet may be gone, their memory will live on forever and you can always keep your pet close to you.

Original price is $69.98. You can get it with half price $34.99. Silver, Gold and Rose Gold can be used.

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