Do you have all kinds of difficulties when washing your cups? For example:

  • The cup is too deep, cleaning is difficult, and a large amount of bacterial scale remains;
  • It is difficult to thoroughly clean the feeding bottle, which affects the health of the baby;
  • The coffee cup is not cleaned thoroughly, and the bottom of the cup is easy to turn yellow;
  • Manual cleaning of the cup is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is not clean;

Now we introduce you a popular must-have artifact for washing cups: Metal Kitchen Sink Glass Rinser. It will let you to free your hands.

The general cup washer has few water outlet holes, and the cleaning effect is average. Our glass rinser has 9 multi-angle high-pressure water outlets to quickly and cleanly wash cups in 360 degrees.
Cup Washer suitable in many places, from baby bottles to wine glasses to travel glasses. Almost any beverage can be easily cleaned, so the time for soaking and scrubbing can be reduced. The automatic glass washing machine has a wide range of uses and can be used in home kitchens. Bars, coffee shops, milk tea shops or hotels, etc.

The operation is also very easy and simple, and can be operated with one hand. After the glass rinser for kitchen sink is installed, we only need to put the cup into the cup washer with the mouth facing down, press gently, and the water jets out from the bottom, similar to the dishwasher, so that the cups can be washed clean!


  • Simple DIY replacement for a sink sprayer, soap dispenser or sink hole cover;
  • Can rinse most standard drinkware including wine glasses, baby bottles, and travel cups;
  • Easy installation. supply line and adapter tee for connecting to water supply;
  • Installs in a standard countertop/sink hole;

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