Christmas is coming soon. Have you got your Christmas Gift for her ready?
FrugalWish recommend your two most worthwhile Christmas gifts: Personalized Heart Photo Necklace and Metal Rose Lifting Jewelry Box.

1. Personalized Heart Photo Necklace

No matter the distance, your beloved one will always be able to be close to your heart. A personalized heart photo necklace for anything you love in life.

Our Personalized Heart Photo Necklace Custom Picture Pendant Diy Christmas Gift Love Heart is a perfect gift for Christmas.  It also makes for a great birthday, anniversary, memorial holiday, or just because gift ideas for special women and girls like girlfriend, fiancee, best friend, mother, mother in law, wife, daughter, grandma, aunt in your life.

Each heart necklace has a custom picture inside. You can upload any picture you favorite. The clearer the uploaded photo, the better the effect. Look inside or use your phone's camera to reveal the picture.

Three colors are available: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold.

If you only choose necklace, we will ship product with an ordinary jewelry box. If you choose necklace with rose box, we will ship product with metal rose lifting jewelry box.

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2. Metal Rose Lifting Jewelry Box

Open the box and the rose rises automatically. Metal Rose Lifting Jewelry Box can suitable for rings, necklaces and other jewelry.

We will ship a free necklace with your rose box. That way, you don't have to buy the necklace separately.

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