Maybe you often encounter such a scene: the new shoes you just bought are too tight, and your feet will be particularly uncomfortable. Or you have one foot larger and the other smaller. At this time, you need the help of the Shoe Stretcher. Therefore, Adjustable Wooden Shoe Stretcher is one of the most popular household products.

Now i will introduce you our Shoe Stretcher Wooden Shoes Tree Shaper Rack Adjustable. If you use discount code, it will up to 30% off.

This Shoe Stretcher Wooden Shoes Tree Shaper Rack Adjustable device enables you to stretch any pair of shoes to accommodate the exact size of your feet. Also including removable pressure relief plugs, allowing you to stretch very small areas of your shoes to accommodate such asymmetries as bunions, hammer toes and calluses, letting you zero in on painful pressure points.
Hold the small wood, turn the screw net, let the small wood go back.

The stretcher is suitable for all shoes such as boots, high heels, sports shoes, sandals and many other types of shoes. It is easily placed in the shoe and all you have to do is turn the handle to achieve results.

It is incredibly effective at adjusting your shoes to the perfect fit. It can adjust your shoes in both width, length and also in specific places, thanks to the included knobs. Simply place the shoe stretcher in any shoe and screw the handle to expand the shoe to the desired size.

The package include One Wooden Boot Shoe Stretcher and Four Pressure Relief Plugs. The original price is $29.99. We ship it all over the world with free shipping.


  • If you buy two shoe stretchers, you can save $11.99 after using 20% off code "Shoe20".
  • If you buy three shoe strechers, you can save $26.99 after using 30% off code "Shoe30".


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